Three simple values are the bedrock of all we do: Maximum Style, Minimal Harm, Meaningful Impact

Maximum Style

This meaning is two-fold. Not only do we offer high-fashion, runway looks in a sustainable market, but because our pieces are crafted to last, women will get maximum wear out of every product. Here are the ways we ensure it.

Timeless design

Our designs strike a unique balance—one that makes a statement while remaining timeless. Bold colors and embellished details reflect your personality and stand apart from common capsule collections. Classic, clean lines and feminine silhouettes last beyond seasonal trends and are meant to be worn on any occasion, rediscovered every season and lovingly gifted to the next generation. You will never fall out of love with your Saulė pieces.

Artisanal work

We believe in the artistic and economic power of craftsmanship, so we partner with artisan groups and small businesses to preserve skilled crafts and support their economic development. Our accessories are handmade in metro Detroit. Our embroidery pieces are handsewn by a family-owned shop in Poland. Our linen and organic cotton are sourced from independent shops and their farming partners. There is a world of good in every stitch.

Quality materials

We use only the best and highest quality materials we can find, so every piece is heirloom quality and crafted to last when properly cared for.

Minimal Harm

We strive to use materials that introduce no unnecessary harm. Our creative process is done the most sustainable way we know how. We remain transparent of the fact we are learning and there are always improvements to be made. We do this in the following ways:

Mindful production

We do our best to make only what we can sell, so you receive the highest quality product at the fairest price. Limited quantities allow us to meet high production standards and eliminate excess waste. And our Zero Waste Initiative takes care of what little waste we do make, by creating accessories bags from our fabric scraps.

Local manufacturing

Our supply chain is strategically mapped to minimize our carbon footprint, support local economies and offer every employee fair working conditions and a livable wage. Though we have a global team, we manufacture collections in close proximity to our material sources and artisan groups wherever possible.

For example, our accessories are made in metro Detroit, where domestic manufacturing can benefit the local economy and strict USA worker protection laws can be achieved. Our clothing is made in Poland, where our linen is grown and where the art of traditional embroidery thrives.

Sustainable Materials

We focus on materials with longevity and low environmental impact, sourcing natural,
upcycled or organic fibers that are biodegradable wherever possible.

Standards we value

• GOTS-certified cotton • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label • FSC-certified wood • European Flax®
 • Responsible Jewelry Council Certification • Piñatex® • Eco Packaging Alliance

Materials we never use

Synthetic textiles are often made using nonrenewable fossil fuels and plastics, which shed plastic fibers and pollutants into our waterways. Because we believe in guilt-free fashion, we proudly offer a collection free of animal and earthly harm. Just as important as the list of materials we use, is the list of materials we don’t:

  • Virgin plastic
  • Leather
  • Fur
  • Feathers
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Spandex
  • Acrylic

Our Metals

You’ll notice we currently use brass in our accessories. These components make up roughly 10% of our materials. While we appreciate brass as a precious metal that contributes to the durability and luxury of our products, we understand the impact of copper mining. Metal extraction can pollute our waterways and damage our soil—which goes against what Saulė stands for. In an industry where “greenwashing” is common, it has always been our goal to remain transparent and continuously improve our production. Rest assured, we use surgical stainless steel whenever possible, and we are also actively looking for a more sustainable alternative.

Our Packaging

We belong to the Eco Packaging Alliance, an organization that plants trees every time an order is placed. Currently, 95% of our packaging is recycled and compostable. This includes everything from tags and tissue to product boxes and shipping boxes.

Carbon neutral shipping

We have responsibly planned our supply chain to minimize our impact on the environment and offer solely carbon neutral shipping via Offset.

Meaningful Impact

We embrace the opportunity to positively impact planet Earth and the people who live on it.


Our employees are paid livable wages and work in ethical facilities. These are more than hallmark beliefs; they are human rights. Profiting from the hazardous and inhumane conditions of sweatshops and fast-fashion factories goes against everything we stand for.


Our commitment to producing low-impact, high-quality fashion will educate, inspire and leave a lasting impression on the sustainable clothing industry—and very little impression on the planet. Here are the ways we give back, and some partners who help us:


We reward nature’s hardest workers by donating 5% of the profits from each pair of earrings in our bee-themed Pollynation Collection to Detroit Hives


Through One Tree Planted, we’re able to plant a tree for every pair of earrings sold (outside of the Pollynation Collection) to assist in conservation and reforestation efforts around the world.


Once embellishments are upcycled from our vintage dresses, we cut the remaining fabric into scraps to be used as stuffing in dog pillows, which are donated to local animal shelters.


Just as we upcycle embellishments from vintage garments, we give our own creations a second chance. Our Lightly Loved Program allows you to return your gently worn Saulė piece for a 25% off voucher to be used toward your next purchase. We’ll reuse the elements so that someone new can be part of its story. Though most of our components are natural and biodegradable, our mission is always to keep them out of landfills.