Ania Czuprynski

With degree in fine arts, which included painting, ceramics and illustration – Ania spent years as a design director in the advertising industry - before embarking on the journey to create a brand that is Earth-friendly and fashion-forward at the same time.

Her inspiration stems from her Eastern European heritage. Which is reflected in artfully crafted pieces that combine natural elements such as wood, lace and crystals alongside unexpected materials like pineapple leather and upcycled beads borrowed from vintage gowns. 

With a goal to create wearable works of art, she designs her collections with immaculate attention to detail, passion for artisanal manufacture and respect for tradition. Each piece is a direct interpretation of form, light and the full spectrum of colors she sees in nature.

Ania’s philosophy is life should be filled with beautiful, uplifting things. And while aesthetics are important, so is quality and comfort. “I put my personality and passion into every piece I design, but I never forget about the woman who will be wearing my creations. She should feel as incredible as she looks.”

Ania's Current Favorites

Picnic in the Park

Camille Earrings in Blushing Mint

Gallery Opening

Leni Set in Lime

Road Trip

Cleo Earrings in Taupe